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Early Childhood Education and Care Workshops – 2 hours to a full day to suit your organisational needs

Reflective Practice in an Early Childhood Education and Care Service

This workshop will explore the valuable practice of professional reflection in early childhood education and care services.  We will explore what it means to engage in critical reflection and how engaging in ongoing professional enquiry can assist educators to become highly effective professionals.

Educational Leadership in Early Childhood Education and Care Service

An Educational leader in Early Childhood Education and Care Services can be described as being the designated leader for curriculum and pedagogy within the approved service.  In this workshop we will delve into this role further and look at what qualities an educational leader should possess, as well as what strategies these leaders can use to shape the educational program and practices within the services that they work.

Mentoring and Leadership in Early Childhood Education and Care Service

In this workshop we will focus on mentoring practices and what it means to be a mentor.  You will walk away from this workshop with a deeper understanding of the value of mentoring and with practical strategies to use within your service for beginning early childhood educators, students and volunteers or with existing educators.

Sustainability in Early Childhood

Embedded within the National Quality Framework in Quality Area 3, sustainability is highlighted as a key component of Early Childhood Education and Care programs and practices.  This workshop will provide educators with an understanding of how to incorporate sustainability on a daily basis and into our services.  We will  reflect on sustainability and what it means to the services which we work in and we will explore what an early childhood sustainability program look likes.

The National Quality Standard – Overview

Since 2012 a new quality standard was introduced as part of the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care Services and Outside School Hours Care Services across Australia.  This workshop will explore the 7 key quality areas of the National Quality Standards and the standards and elements within each.

Quality Area 1 – Educational Program and Practice

In this workshop we will be actively exploring the requirements of the National Quality Standards (2012)  Quality Area 1 – Educational Program and Practice.  We will discuss the importance of the cycle of program planning and the varying ways educators can document children’s learning and development.  We will explore curriculum approaches, design and displays and will also address the importance of collaboration between educators, children and families into the development of our educational programs.

Quality Area 2 – Children’s Health and Safety

Prepare to tackle the areas of children’s health and safety as identified in Quality Area 2 of the National Quality Standards (2012), in this 2 hour workshop.  This workshop aims to increase awareness around an educator’s responses to illnesses, emergencies and infectious diseases.  It will also provide participants with an overview of the current child protection requirements for Early Childhood Education and Care services.

Quality Area 3 – Physical Environment

This workshop aims to inspire educators to reconnect with the outdoor learning environment and reinvest in the potential learning that these areas offer.  We will explore how to create enriching learning environments in the outdoors for children of all ages, that foster children’s learning and development.

Quality Area 4 – Staffing Arrangements

In this workshop participants will work closely with the new version of the Code of Ethics from Early Childhood Australia. The Code of Ethics is a living document that early childhood educators use on a daily basis to guide their behaviour and ethical responsibilities as professionals.  Participants will feel more informed and confident in using this document within their pedagogical practice and for the process of critical reflection too.

Quality Area 5 – Relationships with Children

In early childhood services relationships are the cornerstone of our work with children.  But how do educators form trusting relationships with children?  How can educators support children to form positive relationships with other children?  What is the educator’s role in supporting children to self-regulate their emotions and assist in conflict resolution?  This workshop aims to answer these questions and more.

Quality Area 6 – Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities

This workshop encourages participants to consider their aims for working with families and the wider community.  Through reflection and group activities, participants will review their current strategies for developing meaningful and reciprocal relationships with families and the wider community, and will create a forward plan for improvement and collaboration.

Quality Area 7 – Leadership and Service Management

What does it mean to be a leader in this ever changing world of Early Childhood Education and Care?  This workshop will explore the multi-faceted role of the early childhood leader and aims to provide strategies to support educators in positions of leadership.

Early Years Learning framework (EYLF) Principles and Practices

This workshop will provide participants with a snapshot of the Early Years Learning Framework’s 5 principles and 8 practices.  These principles and practices are the unsung heroes of the EYLF as they assist educators to engage in reflection; they guide educators in their curriculum design and implementation; and they guide an educators relationships with children, families and the wider community.

Preparing for an Accreditation Visit

An Assessment and Rating visit is just one part of the Quality Improvement Process that Early Childhood Education and Care services undergo.  This workshop will explore this step in detail and provide educators with information and strategies to prepare their service, team and families for this process.

Quality Improvement Plan

This workshop will explain what information must be included in a Quality Improvement Plan and what educators need to consider when creating this plan.  Participants will discuss and share experiences together whilst also gaining information about the Quality Improvement Process that Early Childhood Education and Care Services undergo.

Curriculum and Planning Cycle in Early Childhood

Observe, Interpret, Plan, Do, Reflect – this is the planning cycle for early childhood educational programs.  This workshop will explore each of these components of the planning cycle in depth and aims for participants to have a deeper understanding of this cycle.  We will work through case studies, refine observation techniques and analyse children’s learning and development.

WHS refresher training for Early Childhood Education

Refresh and stay up to date with current WHS information for the Early Childhood Education and Care industry.  This workshop will explore areas of WHS such as an overview of employer and employee responsibilities; an exploration of common hazards in early childhood education and care services and hazard management; as well as informing participants of their responsibilities around reporting and the investigation of incidents.

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