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Education is what makes us human. The inquisitive urge to learn, explore and discover is what sets us apart; the wonderment of what else and what’s next? These questions ignite the light within us to come together, grow, and share our knowledge of our world. We recognise each human is different, has uncovered potential and can ignite the fire of change wherever their passion may lie.

The very reason we can talk with such passion is because we simply walk this path each day through our values and behaviours that drive us to succeed in every way.

Education has the power to change the world. Our Human2Human values and behaviours are at the core teachings of all of our training.

All staff at Educaton Institute align to our company values.

Personal and Professional Development: We, along with our students are on both a personal and professional learning journey. We are committed to self improvement and our personal and professional development.

Above the Line Thinking: We are committed to thinking above the line and finding the positive in every situation.

Strengths Based Conversations: Our conversations focus on our strengths. We provide strengths based feedback and approach conversations from a strengths based centre.

Radical Candor: We genuinley care for each other and our students. We provide honest feedback. We challenge directly to show that we care.

Honesty and Trust: We are honest and transparent with each other, our clients and our staff.

Solutions focussed culture: We are committed to being solutions focussed, we bring forward solutions not problems.

Human to Human: We want to make a difference to those we engage, we want to develop deeper human connections with our staff, our students, industry and our communities.